Jacqueline Guerrero

This month we are honoring Jacqueline Guerrero from the Revel Studio as our September Spa of the Month! Jacqueline Guerrero, a gifted New York State and Florida Licensed Aesthetician, has worked in the beauty industry for more than twenty-five years. She brings a unique approach, skill set, expertise, and personal passion with her into the treatment room.  Jacqueline was born and raised in the beauty industry, and recognizes that inner beauty and outer beauty are intimately connected.


Jacqueline’s strong belief in the importance of continuing education keeps her up to date with the ever-evolving field of skincare and beauty. Her advanced training and certifications span many targeted areas within industry. Jacqueline has dedicated the vast majority of her career to advancing herself in holistic skin care and age management. Through her own personal skincare journey, she only uses and supports organic, non-toxic products and combines them with innovative modalities. Additionally, she has developed unique and effective protocols to combat the natural effects that lifestyle and aging have on the skin.


Over the last several years, Jacqueline’s aesthetic practice has progressed to specializing in non-surgical scar revision after having had her own personal and intimate experience with poor post-surgery scarring. Inspired by her strong desire to help others and through her own personal healing journey, she has committed herself to healing scars and helping others regain their self-confidence with courage, compassion, and grace. Through her education, hands-on training, empathy, and personal practice, Jacqueline now dedicates her time in the treatment room to scar revisions.