Kristen Leigh​ Organic Skin Care


Kristen has been a skin care professional for over 28 years practicing in multiple areas of advanced esthetics, sales & education. Her holistic skin clinic resides in beautiful New York City on the Upper East Side just steps away from Central Park.

Kristen Leigh specializes in treating skin conditions such as Acne, Aging, Pigmentation, Rosacea and sensitive skin utilizing advanced technology including Micro-Current, Lightwave LED Therapy, Hydrogen Aqua-Toning and Oxybrasion. 

Performing exclusive treatments with DNA products has been a vital component in treating skin conditions while helping to calm inflammation and assist with skin balance.  DNA skin institute's strategic ingredient formulations have helped elevate Kristen Leigh's clients results and achieve their overall skin care goals while promoting healthier skin.

Treating the skin naturally and with integrity continues to be the focus of Kristen Leigh's practice.  Each client benefits from her holistic skin care approach which improves the skin and overall well being.