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Lifestyle Ambassadors are people who represent DNA Skin Institute's ethics, values and corporate identity. These individuals lead healthy, happy, adventurous and positive lifestyles. They are not only athletes but inspirational pillars of wellness and knowledge in their communities.Check out our Lifestyle Ambassador profiles below for more information on our extraordinary DNA Family! Meet our lifestyle ambassadors & read what they have to say about DNA: Gillian Gibree, Hal & Kasey Clark, Primal Women's Cycling Team, Nico Aguilar, and Mary Peck!


Gillian Gibree

Adventurer, Ocean Athlete, Model, SUP Yoga Instructor & Owner of Paddle Into Fitness

"My skin is exposed to the elements almost every day through surfing, paddling, free diving and teaching SUP Yoga. DNA Skin helps protect, repair and moisturize my skin with eco friendly and organic products.I am extremely conscience of what I put in and on my body and have noticed the difference immediately. Thank you Dr. Noel for creating products in line with my values and lifestyle!"


- Gillian Gibree, Adventurer, Athlete, Model, SUP Yoga Instructor & Owner of Paddle Into Fitness


Professional Extreme Athletes, Adventurers

Hal and I are very fortunate to have DNA Skin Institute support us in our athletic adventures!

DNA Skin Institute's skin care products are all 100% natural and chemical and preservative free.

The product that we use most is their wonderful Ultimate Sol Protection SPF 28 sunscreen.

Living in Colorado and spending most of our time outside, above 5,000 feet, we certainly appreciate the value of this product. It isn't oily or greasy, like so many other sunscreens, and we feel good using it, knowing that it is coral reef safe.                                                                                                                                     

That's something that we'd never really thought about (sadly) until we were introduced to DNA Skin products a few years ago.

DNA Skin Institute is committed to keeping ocean’s clean, and since Hal and I are venturing more into diving and underwater adventures, it's something we feel strongly about.

Thank you SO very much to the whole DNA Skin Institute team! We are very happy and proud to be your Lifestyle Ambassadors!

Check out Hal & Kasey's Blog HERE!

Nico Aguilar

Adventurer, Student Photographer

Our youngest member of our DNA Lifestyle Ambassador program! A true trail blazer, humanitarian, published photographer, avid surfer, lover of science, life, and nature. Life long DNA Skin user. A true example of balance, strength, and love.

Mary Peck

Professional Athlete

 "I am very fortunate to have DNA Skin Institute support me in my athletic endeavors! I spend more than 15 hours in the weight room each week and it isn’t the most sanitary place. I touch dirty barbells and weights and touch my face to wipe the sweat off. I can’t imagine what might get on my face! I am confident that when I come home, I am able to wash away the grime with DNA Skin Institutes' Crème of Nectar Soothing Wash along with all of the other products! DNA products smell amazing and do not leave my face feeling dry instead it feels supple and moist! Thank you team DNA! I am happy to be a part of such an amazing team!" - Mary Peck, Professional Athlete, Competes in the Sport of Weightlifting

Hal & Kasey Clark
Primal Bicycle Team
Primal/Map My Ride Women's Cycling Team

Professional Cyclists


As a professional cyclist, nothing is as important to my long-term health as sun protection. Being out in the elements for hours on end, day after day, year after year takes its toll on your skin. And so many sun protection products leave your face feeling greasy, and melt off as soon as you begin to sweat. That’s why I LOVE DNA’s Ultimate Sol Protection. Not only is it 100% natural, chemical, and preservative free, it leaves my face feeling fresh and moisturized. I can train and race for hours on end knowing that my skin is protected and that my sunscreen is going to last the duration of my workout. Thank you DNA Skin Institute for making a product that makes me feel good and that I can feel good about using! - Kasey Clark

All day protection with only one application! Prevents sunburn but also noticed it helps stop dark spots too. Light and comfortable, allows your pores to breathe. -Jen Weinbrecht


Getting burned during a stage race is not a good thing. I loved that once I put DNA Skin Institute Ultimate Sol Protection sunscreen on in the morning this was no longer a concern to me and I could focus on racing. The sunscreen provided great protection and didn't sweat off during several hours of intense activity. - Alisha Welsh


Even during the long, hot stages, the sunscreen didn't run into my eyes and kept me burn free! - Emily Kachorek


I come from a family with skin cancer and both of my jobs require me to be outside during the day. It is essential to have a fantastic product DNA Ultimate Sol 28spf to protect my skin, yet also let it breathe properly. I have additionally been impressed with the ease of dispense and size of the product which makes it easy to travel with. I look forward to using this product in various conditions this summer. Thanks for saving my skin! - Liza Rachetto

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