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DNA is very proud of our quality products and celebrity endorsements! See what these celebrities have to say about DNA. Click on an image in the gallery below to see what Paris Hilton, Erika ChristensenMichelle RodriguezStacy KeiblerLaura Prepon, , Nia Peeples, Justine MarjanCourtney Cox, Tom FeltonLouise Roe,  Cheri La Rocque, and Cassandra Peterson, have to say about DNA!


Paris Hilton
Model & Actress

“I love all the DNA Products that Heather Nicole uses in my treatments. She’s the best!” -Paris Hilton


Erika Christensen

Actress, Singer

"It has always been a priority for me to put natural products in and on my

body.  DNA Skincare products are completely organic - completely organic

meaning the products are well beyond the percentage of organic ingredients

required to be certified "organic".  DNA is 100% organic. As an expectant mother, this has become even more important to me! Recently I went to Hawaii and protected myself (and my baby belly!) with the DNA Ultimate Sol Protection SPF 28.


The integrity of this company is such that I have peace of mind putting my

trust in them, which is both a relief and a time-saver. Thanks for your

commitment, DNA." - Erika Christensen, Actress, Singer, Mom To Be

Michelle Rodriguez

"Most products out there deplete and strip your natural skin resources while attempting to solve the problems of aging, and wear and tear.  WHAT I LOVE about DNA CryoStem products is that they in turn provide resources that enhance my skin instead of depleting what I naturally have to solve the problem."

Stacy Keibler

Actress & Model

Stacy Keibler endorses DNA!

"The emphasis DNA Skincare places on chemical free, 100% natural skin care is just one of the many reasons I love them. I incorporate their powerful products into my beauty routine everyday. Their scrubs, moisturizers, serums and CrystoStem Frozen products are all non-toxic and work wonders on my skin! Why use anything else!"

Stacy Kiebler

Michelle Rodriguez endorses DNA!

Michelle Rodriguez


Laura Prepon

Actress & Best Selling Author "Stash Plan"

"I love all of the products from DNA Skin institute because I know the ingredients that DNA Skin Institute uses are organic, pure, and chemical free. What we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put into it. People are always wanting me to try their skin care lines and most of them are filled with chemicals that deplete your skin of nutrients. After a long day on set, wearing makeup for hours and reapplying to always look camera ready, I rest assured knowing that my skin will heal and hydrate with DNA Skin Institute products. My favorites are the CryoStem Lift Stick, Photo Collagen Night Creme and the Hydro Blend."

-Laura Prepon

Laura Prepon
Nia Peeples
Courteney Cox


Courtney Cox
Nia Peeples

Actress, Recording Artist, TV Host


Voted one of People Magazines 100 most Beautiful People, Nia  is Best known for her acting roles in the hit TV series Fame, Walker Texas Ranger and Pretty Little Liars, She has had two hit records, hosted her own shows for Fox, MTV,CBS and Style and is now excited to help spread the word about DNA Skin Institute’s revolutionary skin care line. 
I’ve been in the entertainment industry for 30 years. I’ve lived out my entire adult life in front of cameras, under a microscope, laid out for the whole world to see. But I never let that suppress my life expression. I spend a lot of time in the water surfing or paddling with my friends and family and in the sun biking and hiking with my kids.  You can imagine every step of this journey has had me on the hunt for the best skin care available.  Finally, After having been exposed to countless gimmicks and products I’ve found what I need, a skin care system that’s powerfully effective yet noninvasive and kind to, in fact supportive of both my overall health and the health of the planet.: DNA Skin Care from DNA Skin Institute.
DNA Skin Care System is everything we know we want: it’s powerful and effective.  It’s 100% natural and chemical and preservative free. But it’s also all the things we didn’t know we could have: DNA skin care is formulated using technology that is virtually unrivaled In the world for it’s ability to transform, rejuvenate and enhance the face and body. The biotech science and ionic chemistry they use to insure maximum results is known to less than 8 scientists and biochemists across the globe.

That means we’re getting the best ingredients in the most powerful combination through the most effective delivery system in the world.
But what I love most about DNA is the whole body wellness approach. At DNA Skin Institute they know that my skin on this face is actually an organ which is part of an amazing system called my body, ME! Everything I put on my skin winds up in my system and either adds to the quality, function and longevity of my life or diminishes it. 
At 50, I have come to a much greater wisdom of what personal beauty really is, how best to identify it, honor it, and sustain it. Beauty breathes. It isn’t stagnant. It isn’t something we attain and keep. Beauty is alive and forever evolving. It’s up to us to keep it vibrant so we can be the most beautiful we can be and on a deeper level, the most beautiful we have ever been.
I am so blessed to have found the amazing DNA skin care system.  And I’m absolutely honored to be spreading the word!

Click here to read Nia Peeple's Cover Story . . . 

Justine Marjan

Justine Marjan

Celebrity Hairstylist, Editorial Director at Mane Addicts


"DNA skin care products have transformed my skin from oily, patchy, inflamed, and acned to smooth, radiant, and even. I couldn't feel better about using organic skin care products that I know are safe and promote overall well being. I'll never go back to traditional skin care."

Tom Felton
Tom Felton


"Due to always having to put makeup on my skin for work I'm constantly looking for products to use that are natural and chemical free and DNA has really made a difference."

-Tom Felton

Louise Roe
Cheri La Rocque



“With the enhancement of your appearance you will attract attention inviting others to see your inner self with the qualities and beauty that are unique to you”.


Cheri La Rocque was born and raised in Beverly Hills. Her mother, getting her signed with an agency at age 5, introduced her into the fashion industry. Later on while attending Beverly Hills High School, she was discovered by Seventeen Magazine at the age of 15 (the editor’s were searching the Nation for athletic girls for the May 1975 issue). Surprisingly, she landed on the cover getting the attention of Eileen Ford, owner of Ford Models. That summer Cheri went to live with the Ford family in New York City. This opportunity took her career to the next level where she became a top model, with many covers, and cosmetic and swimwear campaigns. She appeared on covers and in fashion spreads for a variety of women’s magazines, including Vogue, Self, and Town & Country. Cheri traveled and worked on assignments in many other parts of the world. She has had the good fortune to work with the best and most creative photographers, fashion editors, designers, and make-up, hair and wardrobe stylist in the industry. She has learned through these experiences and is now sharing what she knows with women and men who are interested in looking their best. Cheri has been living in Santa Barbara for the past 23 years, has 3 awesome children and is presently producing a film about models and the industry of beauty.


“In my profession it is imperative to look and feel my best. On a photo shoot you never know what’s expected of you until you arrive on the set. I need to be physically and mentally strong to perform whatever’s on the agenda that day. Physical and mental stamina is a requirement. Gratefully, I have maintained this with Dr. Aguilar’s line of DNA skin care products and DNA supplements along with my exercise regime.

Thank you Dr. Noel Aguilar, you are AMAZING!”


Sincerely,Cheri La Rocque


Cheri La Rocque

Louise Roe

TV Host


"DNA Phyto Collagen Night Creme is like a drink of water for my skin."

Cassandra Peterson
Cassandra Peterson (Elvira, Mistress of the Dark)



Elvira, Mistress of the Dark has been a long-time client of Marie-Lynne, corrective skin care specialist, located in Ventura, CA. Marie-Lynne has had great success with DNA Skin Care products. 


"Marie Lynne is one of the best and most knowledgeable skin care professionals I have found. Despite all the heavy theatrical make-up I wear for work, I’m amazed at how many compliments I receive on my complexion since getting regular facials from her and using the products she recommends from DNA Skin Institute: Creme of Nectar Soothing Wash, Lift and Firm Botanical Gel, Zen Therapy Treatment Gel, Hydro Blend, and Super Phyto Rich Moisturizer. You know she is  good when you live in LA and drive to Ventura for facials!"


– Cassandra Peterson (aka Elvira, Mistress of the Dark)

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