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Stem Cells vs. Growth Factors vs. Peptides

Recently, at DNA Skin Institute corporate offices, we have been asked many questions in regards to “Stem Cells” that are typically stored in a jar, at room temperature. The small print on these “Stem Cell” products often times reveals that the product does not actually contain Stem Cells, but Growth Factors or Peptides instead. Addressing the difference among Stem Cells, Growth Factors and Peptides is an issue we would like to clear up for all of our accounts as it has been presented to us in volume as of lately.

DNA CryoStem Cell Therapy

Our CEO and creator of DNA Skin Institute, Dr. Noel Aguilar, and his research team broke the code for younger-looking skin through the revolutionary DNA CryoStem Skin Therapy System. Dr. Aguilar developed this technology based on a well perfected technique known as Hibernated Biogenesis, the direct utilization of cryogenically preserved (frozen) embryonic serum containing stem cells.


Skin cells are like people. They start off fresh, and full of energy. As time passes, every cell loses strength and becomes more independent as its surrounding tissue deteriorates and simply runs slower and rougher. The result is progressive aging over the entire body. Just as with humans, cells need other cells for information, support, nourishment and direction. For skin to work the way it does, every cell must work in perfect unison with its 

surrounding tissue. This biotechnology is specific to the organ it is addressing. In the field of esthetics, the specific organ is skin. The CryoStem biologically active serum is selected to specifically target skin to achieve specific results. The serum is processed to retain all the constituents of skin’s complex make up – components required for skin cell renewal and overall skin rejuvenation. A “like matches like concept” is the reason why this biotechnology is so effective in correcting and nourishing the skin. By being tissue specific, there is a matching of tissue, its energetics and consciousness, and the same biological functions. This is known as T-SON Technology (Tissue-Specific Organic Nutrients.)


In other words, the cryogenic serum is performing the same identical functions and tasks as live human skin. By introducing a product that functions at the same cellular level, a natural communication pathway is already established. Since human skin is already familiar with these communication patterns, it recognizes the information and effectively utilizes the resources provided. The skin is “in tune” with the constituents of the serum and draws from these resources to repair, heal and rejuvenate itself.  DNA CryoStem extracts can stimulate up to 72% of human skin Fibroblast synthesis. Our CryoStem frozen products, enriched with T-SON technology, are a perfect blueprint of healthy younger skin cells.

Growth Hormone

The issue of human growth factor (HGF) is exceedingly complicated and unclear. The physiological intricacies of the varying HGFs and their actions challenge any layperson’s comprehension. Nonetheless, because the use of HGF seems to be the direction some skin-care companies are taking, and because there is a large body of research showing its efficacy for wound healing (but not for wrinkles), it does deserve comment.

HGFs make up a complex family of hormones that are produced by the body to control cell growth and cell division in skin, blood, bone, and nerve tissue. Most significantly, HGFs regulate the division and reproduction of cells, and they also can influence the growth rate of some cancers. HGFs occur naturally in the body, but they also are synthesized and used in medicine for a range of applications, including wound healing and immune-system stimulation. HGFs are chemical messengers that bind to receptor 

sites on the cell surface (receptor sites are places where cells communicate with a substance, “signaling factors,” to let them know what to or what not to do). HGFs must communicate with cells to instruct them to activate the production of new cells, or to instruct a cell to create new cells that have different functions. Another way to think of HGFs is that they are messengers designed to be received or “heard” by specific receptor sites or “ears” on the cell. HGFs, such as transforming growth factor (TGF, stimulates collagen production) or epidermal growth factor (EGF, stimulates skin-cell production), play a significant role in healing surgical wounds. The main task of HGFs is to cause cell division, which is helpful; however, at certain concentrations and over certain durations of application they can cause cells to over-proliferate, which can cause cancer or other health problems. In essence, speed up aging!

But what happens when you put HGFs on skin, particularly TGF and EGF, which some cosmetic companies are using? The risk is that they could accelerate the growth of skin cancer by stimulating the overproduction of skin cells. In the case of TGF, which stimulates collagen production, it can encourage scarring, because scars are the result of excessive collagen production, and if you make too much collagen you get a scar or a knot on the skin such as a keloidal scar (seen to the right).  Most of the research on the issue of HGFs for skin has looked primarily at the issue of wound healing, and at short-term use of HGFs. In skin-care products, however, they would be used repeatedly and possibly over long periods of time. A shortcoming of HGFs, according to an article by Dr. Donald R. Owen in Global Cosmetic Industry (March 1999), is that,  

“The body produces these [HGFs] in exquisitely small concentrations at just the right location and time …. Actual growth factors such as [EGF and TGF-B] are [large] configurations, which do not penetrate the skin… They [also] lose their activity within days in water or even as solids at normal temperatures… [Yet], even after all these complications; the siren’s song is too strong. We [the cosmetics chemists] will use them.” According to Drs. H. Ray Jailan, MD and Jenny Kim, MD, PhD, “many cosmeceuticals now contain various growth factors including EGF, insulin-like growth factor, platelet growth factor, and keratinocyte growth factor. Although these growth factors can theoretically induce keratinocyte differentiation and dermal remodeling, whether any of the products available to consumers demonstrate significant clinical effectiveness in preventing or reversing photoaging has not been established.” The doctors went on to state “Whether the TGF-B and other growth factors contained in cosmeceuticals are stable, can be absorbed adequately, or exert a functionally significant outcome to induce dermal remodeling and reverse photoaging [wrinkles] is unclear since well-controlled clinical studies are lacking.”


The research into HGFs is without question intriguing, but much remains unknown at this time, especially in terms of long-term risk or stability when they are used in cosmetics and applied to skin. In this arena, if cosmetics companies continue to use HGFs, it is the consumer who will be the guinea pig.



At DNA, we incorporate Peptides in our Zen Therapy Gel to be used to help with Microcurrent conduction and also to be cocktailed into daily DNA Moisturizer for skin firming effects.  Our Peptides are from sources not synthesized in a Lab. Peptides have been a hot topic for years since Dr. Perricone  discussed them in his best selling book, ‘The Wrinkle Cure”.  As the building blocks of proteins, peptides have become an essential ingredient in anti-aging skin care. Peptides are a string of amino acids that are held together by bonds of nitrogen and carbon. Short chain peptides are able to penetratethe epidermis and send signals to cells, informing them how to function.

There are many different types of peptides, which have various effects on the cellular function of the skin. Considered by many to be one of the most effective treatments in repairing damaged and aging skin, the most important thing to remember when using a peptide formula is diligence.   We believe by incorporating Peptides we are providing more support for the Collagen Synthesis that our CryoStem frozen products induce.  However, a Peptide is not a Stem Cell!


-Tisha Frazier

National Trainer

Esthetic Division



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Stem Cells

Marketing Tips for Your Skin Care Business 

As a DNA practitioner, I've had the experience of opening my own treatment center and having to find new clients on my own.  At first, I thought I would need to do a lot of expensive advertising and build clientele slowly. I wanted to share with you some marketing tips that I have learned in the process.


1) Realtors, hairdressers, and others that work with the public are your best advertisers by word of mouth. When I opened shop, I gave my Realtor a complementary treatment to thank her for her help with the purchase of my house. She loved the treatment and re-booked, then a few days later so did other agents at her office.  Soon, I was completely booked with Realtors and their clients.  Hairdressers are also a gold mine in helping to advertise for you. Give your favorite hairdresser a treatment (discounted or complementary) and a stack of your business cards.  It's a good idea to have before and after pics on your cards.


2) Talk to people about what you do.  As a DNA practitioner, I've always felt proud to share what I do because I believed in it, in the message of health and awareness and in the proven results.  People can see your sincerity.


3) If you work in a Med Spa or salon, it's a good idea to introduce yourself to clients while they wait for their appointment with other professionals if that's okay with them to do so.


4) Make sure to have before and after pictures in the waiting area.  Pictures are worth a thousand words.  At DNA, we have great before and after pictures available for you.  You can get some off our website or you can contact the corporate office.  We also have a tall vinyl poster with stand that's available for sale that's eye catching.  You can also play a loop on a flat screen TV of what treatments you do in the waiting area.  This is cross advertising.


5) Social networking, if you haven't done it yet, please "like" our Facebook page.  We put updated pictures, press, etc. that you can then share on your own professional page.  Don't forget to ask your clients to like your Facebook page. 


6) Get clients email addresses in order to send specials and other information to them.  In this day and age, email is a great way to reach busy people.


7)  If you are a spa or business owner and want to get some web exposure, you can sign up for Google Adwords pay per click.  You can set affordable limits that control the amount of clicks you can afford.


8). Set up a Yelp business page and encourage your favorite clients to leave you a good review.   Then go to and click on "Google places".  Click on "add a new business".  Enter your business phone number, Google will try to find your business contact information.  If it does, you can simply verify the information is correct.  If Google cant find it, type in your company name and address and answer additional questions.  Follow the directions and they will call you with a "pin" for verification.  Once you have completed this you are more visible on the web and Google maps can find you.


9)  Set up a free listing for your business in search engine local directories.  You can do this at and  Be sure to include your website link and business description. 


10) Send out press releases to local newspapers, radio stations, cable TV shows and magazines.


11)  Have open house events and raffle free treatments or products.  Serve wine and appetizers, while the staff mingles with guests.  Make sure to get fliers for events to hairdressers, health food stores, etc...


12) Offer free consultations to potential new clients. By doing so, it allows for an opportunity to build trust and establish a great foundation.  


13) Be an expert at what you do: attend our training.  At DNA we have certification classes as well as advanced classes.  Our line is very complex and advanced and is a whole new education on skincare.  It's best to take advantage of all the information you can on Biochemistry as well as transdermal toxicity at our training seminars.  Organic is the future and isn't going anywhere.  When we are informed and confident, the clients trust our opinions.


14) Give a 10% off referral discount to clients that refer friends or family.


-Tisha Frazier

 National Trainer

 Esthetic Division

Marketing Tips for Your Skin Care Business

Body Firming Tip


Step 1: In the bath or shower, exfoliate body with a loofah glove and DNA cleanser.


Step 2: Combine a cocktail of our Island Infusion Body Nectar with 1/4 teaspoon of MediClear Vitamin C Crystals, 2 pumps of Zen Therapy Treatment Gel,  2 pumps of Supernatural Vitamin A, and one pump of Lift and Firm botanical Gel.


Step 3: Apply to skin.


This combination not only provides your skin with important antioxidants, specialized herbs, and nutrients to give your body's skin vitality, but you are also firming and tightening it with essential peptides, vitamins and minerals.

In addition, don't forget to suggest to your clients that for ultimate firming, they should also purchase a DNA CryoStem Therapy to use at home for face and body firming.


-Tisha Frazier

 National Trainer

 Esthetic Division

Body Firming

Healing Burned Skin


We all know with warm weather already here, sunburns may be inevitable. However, whether from sunburn or other mild burns, our first line of defense is to apply one of the DNA CryoStem Therapy treatments (Hydrating, CryoStem Sticks and CryoStem Sprayers) to the area.


After application of one of DNA's CryoStem Therapy products, have the client apply Zen Therapy Treatment Gel several times a day.


Once the skin begins to show signs of healing and is less sensitive, the client can cocktail DNA MediClear Vitamin C Crystals and Oceana Mineral Gel with the Zen Therapy Treatment Gel.  This combination makes for a powerful, healing mix of antioxidants, minerals, and peptides.


Remember, it is important to educate clients about the use of MediClear Vitamin C Crystals. Using MediClear Vitamin C Crystals everyday, in combination with other DNA products, prevent free radical damage from the sun.


-Tisha Frazier

 National Trainer

 Esthetic Division

Burned Skin

Acneic Skin


Acne can be a frustrating experience for clients, as well as for the practitioner. One key piece of information to remember is that acneic skin has a much slower cell turnover rate, therefore, exfoliating with DNA peels, Phyto-Lipid Hydrating Scrub, and MediClear Natural Cleansing Pads is essential.  A simple and basic protocol for clearing acneic skin is as follows:


1. Cleanse with DNA MediClear Skin Lightening Wash

2. Scrub skin with Phyto-Lipid Hydrating Scrub

3. Apply DNA Sal-Ionic Gel Peel (if skin is sensitive, use Lacto-Ionic Gel Peel with a drop of Sal-Ionic mixed in)

4. Leave on for 3 minutes, then apply DNA's Lemongrass Purifying Masque

5. Leave on for 7 minutes

6. Clean skin

7. Perform extractions (this is key to clearing skin of infection)

8. Apply DNA CryoStem Therapy

9. Allow the CryoStem Therapy to dry.  Apply a cocktail of Oceana Mineral Gel, MediClear Vitamin C Crystals, and a drop of MediClear Acne Serum.  If the client has more mature skin, apply one of the DNA moisturizers.


Instruct client to use these products at home:

DNA MediClear Skin Lightening Wash

DNA Phyto-Lipid Hydrating Scrub or MediClear Natural Cleansing Pads

DNA CryoStem Stick or Sprayers (for home use)

Oceana Mineral Gel

MediClear Vitamin C Crystals

DNA moisturizer if needed for mature skin


The DNA CryoStems Therapy helps regulate and improve the skins health and immune system. Getting the skin to a healthy, functioning state helps acneic skin by improving cell turnover naturally. Clients should do the above protocol in a regular series of 6 to 10 weekly treatments. Once the skin is cleared, they can continue monthly or bi-monthly, and should continue home use to maintain skins healthy function.  Remember the CryoStem Therapy stimulates 71% fibroblast activity so we do see a dramatic reduction of scars due to collagen production.


-Tisha Frazier

 National Trainer

 Esthetic Division


Scar Revision Therapy with DNA


We will be focusing on two types of scars for this treatment. The first is called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. These are brown spots that typically occur after an acne breakout. The other types of scars are depressed scars called atrophic scars, where there is clearly a loss of collagen.

Post inflammatory scars tend to eventually go away with time. To accelerate the healing process, we want to incorporate DNA peels, Supernatural Vitamin A Serum, MediClear Vitamin C Crystals, MediClear Skin Lightening Wash, MediClear Skin Lightening Gel, and CryoStem Therapy ampoules.

Have the client come in for a series of at least 3 weekly DNA ionic peels. This helps to increase the cell turnover. It is best to include a DNA Hydrating or Firming Ampoule as well.

Send your client home with the MediClear Skin Lightening Wash, MediClear Vitamin C Crystals, Skin Lightening Gel, Supernatural Vitamin A Serum, and CryoStem Lift Stick or Spray.


It gets a bit more complicated for atrophic scars: we need to facilitate new collagen growth. Since DNA CryoStem Therapy stimulates 71% fibroblast activity, we see major results in scar revision. These clients need at least 6 to 10 treatments incorporating DNA Ampoules, MediClear Vitamin C Crystals, Supernatural Vit. A Serum, Zen Therapy Treatment Gel, and DNA lightening products (if pigmentation is an issue).


  • Supernatural Vit. A Serum contains retinol so it helps promote new Collagen growth.

  • MediClear Vitamin C Crystals (crystals being the most stable and strongest vitamin C available) are crucial for new collagen.

  • Zen Therapy Treatment Gel contains natural polypeptides to incite new collagen.

  • If the time of year permits, our transformative, layered Jessner peel can be incorporated for difficult cases.

  • For home use the client should have: DNA CryoStem Lift Stick or Spray, MediClear Vitamin C Crystals, Supernatural Vitamin A Serum, Zen Therapy Treatment Gel, and cleansers and moisturizers according to skin type.


*It is important to remember that DNA lightening products contain natural but very potent tyrosinase inhibitors. They are incredibly effective and are on par with the very well known and toxic hydroquinone. Our retinol is a derivative of fish and is also very effective in cell turnover but also contains anti-aging ingredients as well. These products shouldn't be overlooked when working with scars.


-Tisha Frazier

 National Trainer

 Esthetic Division

Scar Therapy

After Sun Care with DNA


When treating a client with a sunburn, it is important to educate them on the importance of "Safe Sunning."  This means applying sunblock every hour in direct sunlight and incorporating DNA products to provide skin with essential Antioxidants to prevent DNA damage.  It is also important to use our natural tyrosinase inhibitor products to suppress pigmentation.

For clients who haven't been practicing "Safe Sunning," this protocol will offer immediately relief and long-term healing. 


1) Cleanse skin with Creme of Nectar soothing wash.


2) Apply a cocktail of Zen Therapy and Berry Polish.

3) Cleanse skin with Citrus Burst Cleanser.


4) Apply DNA H Ampoule. Allow to dry.


5) Spray Floral bliss.


6) Apply a Cocktail of MediClear Crystals, DNA moisturizer, Zen Therapy Gel.


7) Apply Sunblock


To aid the process, send your Clients home with a DNA cleanser (based on skin type), Phyto-Lipid Hydrating Scrub, 

DNA moisturizer (based on skin type), MediClear Vitamin-C Crystals, Zen Therapy Treatment Gel, MediClear Skin Lightening Gel, CryoStem Therapy Lift Stick or Sprayer, and chemical free Sunblock.

-Tisha Frazier

 National Trainer

 Esthetic Division

After Sun Care

Hyperpigmentation Training


On Monday, August 4th the DNA Skin Institute hosted a training on Hyperpigmentation. Here are the highlights!


What is Hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is in essence inflammation and is a sign that "something is off." It is the darkening of skin caused by increased melanin. Causes of abnormal 

melanin production include hormonal changes (pregnancy, menopause), certain drugs and supplements, blunt trauma, hyperthyroidism, Addison's disease, diabetes, laser trauma, chemical peeling, and increased sun exposure/photo trauma.


How is Hyperpigmentation commonly treated?

  • Hydroquinone: A chemical originally used to develop black and white photos and x-rays, as well as to preserve rubber goods. The side effects of hydroquinone use include eczema, inflammation, psoriasis, asthma, birth defects and a condition called Exogenous Ochronosis which causes skin to produce blue and black pigment.

  • Kojic Acid: From a fungus, it has been shown to cause dermatitis and cell mutations (i.e. cancer) in mammals. It is toxic to the liver, kidney, and reproductive organs.

  • Retinoids: A chemical compound that becomes toxic when exposed to sunlight.

Remember, products you put on your skin will either sit on top (be ineffective) or be absorbed (be effective but potentially systemically toxic).


How does DNA Skin Institute treat Hyperpigmentation?

At DNA we capitalize on inhibiting and regulating melanin while supplying the skin the natural constituents it needs: DNA, RNA, amino acids, peptides, tyrosinase inhibitor, lipids, enzymes, etc. We offer a variety of products to regulate melanin production and protect the skin. They are:

Skin Lightening Line
We don't just inhibit pigment, we regulate it with our skin lightening line incorporating ferulic acid (a powerful antioxidant), white tea, walthera indica extract, AHA acids, and other powerful antioxidants. These 100% natural, herbal products have shown that lighter and brighter skin can be achieved without the use of other potentially harmful lightening and bleaching ingredients.


We also offer an oral product that helps lighten the skin: Derma-CLR. It is a supplement taken orally that is an effective antioxidant that maintains skin 's elasticity and healthy color. It contains a pure form of L-glutathione. It helps to lighten the skin's hyperpigmentation by inhibiting melanin production and diminishing the signs of aging (wrinkles, age spots, increased pore size, dryness, etc.).


Vitamin C
The amount of Vitamin C we need internally and topically increases with age.  We make less reconstructive enzymes as we age, increasing the need to repair cells in other ways. Epidermal levels of Vit. C diminish 425% by middle age. Our topical Vitamin C is the most active and stable Vit. C available. It can be cocktailed with any product in the skin care line 

to instantly turn that product into a powerful antioxidant. When taking Vitamin C internally, be sure it is of high quality. We recommend Esther C.


Chemical sunscreens generate more free radicals on human skin after one hour of sun exposure than are generated on untreated skin.  In essence, by wearing a chemical sunscreen, skin is twice as compromised.  Any antioxidants added to a toxic mesh of chemicals become pro-oxidant, meaning they cause DNA damage to skin. Our sunscreen is chemical free.

Recognizing & Treating Rosacea


As an esthetician I have been in the position with clients to tell them their cheeks are red or inflamed because they likely have Rosacea. I tend to ask if they flush when they have red wine or get embarrassed. Oftentimes, the client already knows they have it because their Rosacea is at a more advanced level of inflammation with red sores and large pores present.

The typical treatment for rosacea is antibiotics, which tend to help for a small amount of time until bacteria associated with it become immune. What we need to understand is where the bacteria come from and how to kill them.


Rosacea and Parasites: One Possible Cause

Demodex mites are parasites that live on the face and hair follicles in humans. They can damage skin, usually starting at middle age when the immune system is weak and their population has increased. When left to multiply and thrive on skin they leave orange peel skin, large pores, pustules, lumps, red nose, and damaged capillaries. A tingling sensation can be felt on skin, especially at night when they reproduce. When the mite dies it releases the bacteria that causes the infection. Demodex mites are contagious but don't thrive on an individual with a healthy immune system.


So now that we know one of the causes, we can talk treatment.  Ultimately, killing the parasites will return skin back to a healthy state. We talked about individuals with weakened immune systems having the worst cases of Rosacea, so as practitioners it can only help to recommend that the client eat a healthy diet rich in Vitamin A and antioxidants. At DNA Skin Institute we have a product called Derma-CLR that provides the body with essential antioxidants. We also can't overlook that the skin is an organ and has an immune system that needs to be regulated with DNA CryoStem products to ensure skin health.


A Rosacea protocol would look like this:


  • Cleanse with Citrus Burst Cleanser or Creme of Nectar

  • Apply Phyto-Lipid Hydrating Scrub and very gently move around the skin. Leave on for 3+ minutes so the active ingredients like tea tree oil can have an anti-microbial effect.

  • Apply 3/4 Zen Therapy Treatment Gel with 1/4 DNA mask of choice, leave on for 7 minutes

  • Cleanse skin well

  • Apply DNA Cryo Stem Cells

  • Allow to dry

  • Apply a cocktail of Zen Therapy Treatment Gel, Oceana Mineral Gel and moisturizer.


Send client home with cleanser (Citrus or Nectar), Phyto-Lipid Hydrating Scrub (at home they leave it on for 3 minutes for the anti-microbial affect), Oceana Mineral Gel, Zen Therapy Treatment Gel, Moisturizer and CryoStem Lift Stick or Sprayers.


Remember that DNA CryoStem products help to boost and regulate the skin's immune system, keeping parasites and bacteria at bay. Once all harmful inflammation-causing organisms are eradicated one can be considered on the road to a Rosacea-free skin existence, but reinfection is possible so encourage your client to manage the skin with healthy products and healthy diet.


-Tisha Frazier

 National Trainer

 Esthetic Division


Spotlight on Zen Therapy Treatment Gel


DNA's Zen Therapy Treatment Gel™ is just as it sounds: soothing, calming, and therapeutic.  By incorporating important collagen synthesizing ingredients like polypeptides, skin tightening ingredients like DMAE,  and organic skin soothing botanicals, we created a product far superior to most simple peptide products.  


One important aspect of our Zen is that we use a natural- not synthetic- hyaluronic acid.  Since the amount of hyaluronic acid in our skin naturally decreases with age, this is a necessary product for everyone.  It has great water binding properties and helps the penetration of the other powerful ingredients.  


I would encourage any professionals that are using dermal rollers and pens for product penetration to use our Zen Therapy gel for glide instead of the synthetic hyaluronics that are typically used.  


This leads us to the many uses of Zen:


Microcurrent, Ultrasound, or Radio Frequency:


Use Zen as the first product applied to the clean skin.  Just a quarter-sized amount will do.  Then apply a generous 

layer of DNA'S Organic Vegetable Glycerin for glide.  Since microcurrent has galvanic properties, we are penetrating the therapeutic ingredients in the Zen deeper into the epidermis.

Dermal Rolling or Derma Pen:


Apply a more generous amount of Zen Therapy Gel (about 3 pumps) for slip to dermal roll or pen. The peptides, DMAE, and hyaluronic acid stimulate deeper for more collagen synthesis.



Mix the Zen in daily with a DNA moisturizer and other products like the Medi C crystals and Supernatural Vit. A for extra firming.


Burns or Post-Peel:

Zen is great for accidental burns or wax irritation.  Recommend it to your clients to have at home in their arsenal not just for skin firming, but for wounds or burns at home.  

Zen Therapy

Jessner Peel


A Jessner peel is a medium depth peel that works to improve skin health by helping to remove and heal skin damage.  At DNA, our Jessner is a layered peel that gives the practitioner a lot of control in regulating how much peeling the client will experience. It's very special in that it is a modified Jessner incorporating the powerful anti-oxidants, lycopene, a blend of organic essential oils, and resveratrol (red wine extract) with the peeling ingredients to ensure a rejuvenating and healing 

New Skin Revealed after Jessner Peel

effect on the skin while it peels.  I call it an insurance policy.  I personally never liked deep peels as an Esthetician because I didn't feel that I had control of how much peeling a client would get and potential reactions.  But the brilliance of our Jessner and the power of the antioxidants allow me to feel "in control" of the peel.


We recommend doing a 24-hour patch test with your client before applying the Jessner peel. Apply the Jessner to a small area behind the client's ear.  Do not use this peel if test site on the client is raised, welted and itching. This offers you an extra level of security with the Jessner.

Good candidates for Jessner are clients with:


  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Acne scarring

  • Large pores

  • Hyper-pigmentation

  • Overall lack of elasticity


It's not recommended for clients with:


  • Lupus

  • Active cold sores (make sure to avoid areas prone to cold sores)

  • Eczema

  • Rosacea

  • Psoriasis

  • Pregnancy

  • Chronic skin disorders



If a client has any of the above skin conditions, I typically put them on DNA products and CryoStem Treatments to get their skin healthy again and then reassess doing Jessner in the future.  If a client seems sensitive or simply has unhealthy skin, I recommend doing at least 3 CryoStem treatments several weeks apart prior to Jessner to get their skin in shape.


My first "Tip" with DNA Jessner is that I have had a great deal of success with "Spot Treating." If a client just has a single spot or just a few spots of hyperpigmention, you can simply apply Jessner to the individual spots.  This is great for clients that due to schedules and social events can't do the entire face.  It's also great for other areas of the body as well, i.e. hands, legs, chest, etc.  You can do several layers, just as if you are doing our regular protocol.


My next "Tip" is a little trick that one can do 24 hours after Jessner application to make peeling less invasive.  You can have the client apply and maintain a thin layer of Zen therapy gel, and then a more generous layer of our organic vegetable glycerin.  This will encourage healing with the peptides in the Zen Therapy gel and keep the skin from drying out.  When clients do this protocol, they are finished peeling a few days sooner and the dead skin rolls off rather than flakes off.  This method is great for clients that have events to attend or simply have an aversion to peeling.



Pre Peel Protocol:

MediClear Skin Lightening Wash

MediClear Cleansing Pads and/or MediClear Acne Serum

MediClear Lightening Gel

Supernatural Vitamin A Serum

DNA CryoStem Cell Therapy 

Peel Application: To begin the peel protocol, cleanse twice with Medi-Clear Lightening Wash™ then use Medi-Clear Cleansing Pads™ to remove any remaining oil and sebum. Use a small (glycolic) fan brush to apply.  Use a Wood Lamp to assure even application and avoid overlap.  Let peel dry before next application.  Your client may want to use a fan during treatment.  The peel is self-neutralizing so there is no need to remove it from the skin.

Post Peel Protocol: 

No product use for 24 hours

Use DNA Citrus Burst or Crème of Nectar morning and evening. Do not use any therapeutic products for 5-7 days until re-epithelialization.


It's great to follow up with a Hydrating Ampoule once the skin has finished shedding.  This ensures deeper penetration of the Stem cells as well as accelerated healing.


It's important to have your clients with hyperpigmentation use our Lightening wash and Lightening gel with our powerful Medi c crystals to assist in getting rid of hyperpigmentation before and after peeling.



If doing any press or marketing for peels in the near future, it's great to print up one of our Jessner before and after pictures and frame them in your waiting area.  You could include tag lines like "peel away that summer damage" or "start the new year with new skin."


-Tisha Frazier
National Trainer
Esthetic Division

Cold Weather Skin Care


As temperatures drop, the dry environment combined with heat indoors allow for dry skin, chapped lips, scaly legs, and much more.  Cold air lacks humidity so it dries up the natural oils in our skin.  Skin also loses 25% of its ability to hold moisture in winter months.  Here are some tips to remedy the issues that come up for practitioners this time of the year:


1) Start with DNA cleansers.  If your client is used to using the MediClear Skin Lightening Wash, they may find it too drying as an everyday moisturizer.  Have them alternate with the Cream of Nectar Soothing Wash.  The same goes for clients using the Citrus Burst Cleanser, especially in the high desert communities.

2) Exfoliate.  As the skin on the face dries, which happens more in winter, the dead cells multiply on the surface.  Remind clients to come in for facials with peels to help shed that dead layer.  Our Lacto-Ionic Gel Peel is a mild and moisturizing peel that is great for exfoliating dead layers of skin.  If clients are having extra dryness on their elbows and feet, they can use our MediClear Natural Cleansing Pads at home once a week to remove dead skin cells before moisturizing.


3) Moisturize!  If your clients are experiencing more dryness than usual, they can layer the Phyto Collagen Night Cream over their Phyto Collagen or Super Phyto Rich Moisturizer.  Remember, it's important to cocktail in Zen Therapy Treatment Gel to help heal the skin; the powerful peptides and antioxidants are essential for keeping the skin healthy.


4) Booster Drops.  Our Booster Drops are rich, dense plant extracts, full of essential oils and fats that protect the skin.  Plant oils are proven to seal moisture into the skin.  Make sure to cocktail the booster drops in with the moisturizer everyday.  Clients can also spray Hydro Blend or Floral Bliss on their face to help keep those oils on the skin for added protection from the elements.


5) Sunblock.  Not only do we continue to need sunblock for UV protection, but it also provides an extra barrier for the skin that helps keep moisture in.


6) No hot showers. Ultra hot water strips the skin of natural oils, so if you must shower and bathe in very hot water, only use warm water on the face.  Remember if you apply your DNA body firming cocktail (Moisturizing Booster Drops, Island Infusion Body Nector, Zen Therapy Treatment Gel, MediClear Vitamin C Crystals) after a shower, before totally drying off, you seal in more moisture.


7) Get a humidifier.  This helps balance the moisture levels in the air when having to use heat to warm the indoors.


8) Gloves on hands.  It's great to advise clients to use their DNA products on hands (I like to cocktail Zen Therapy, MediClear Vitamin C Crystals, Super Phyto Rich Moisturizer, and the Elasticity Booster Drops) then put on cotton gloves before going out in the cold.  This will seal in moisture while keeping the hands warm.  You can do something similar to feet before bed, covering them with socks and penetrating the powerful cocktail in for baby soft feet.


9) Avoiding toxic chemicals on skin.  Since winter skin is more fragile, it's good to educate clients to avoid toxins, specifically allergens and irritants like chemical laden laundry detergents.  I have always told my clients to use an organic laundry detergent since your skin is touching the chemicals all day on clothing and sheets and pillow cases at night.  Toxic laundry detergents and dryer sheets will irritate skin more in winter months and lead to more dermatitis, psoriasis flare ups, rashes, etc...


10) Hydrate.  Drink plenty of water in the winter months as well.  There is water-dry, and there is oil-dry.  A good healthy fish oil like the one we have at DNA will help keep the skin and hair moist and healthy in winter months.


11) Moisturize acneic skin. One additional thing to keep in mind is that when skin is dry, your sebaceous glands work harder to produce more sebum, and this can lead to acne.  It's good to help our clients that suffer from acne to understand that drying the skin out isn't the answer.  So in the winter months, acneic clients can use our Oceana Mineral Gel with a small amount of Phyto Collagen Moisturizer to balance the skin.


-Tisha Frazier
National Trainer
Esthetic Division

Cold Weather

Pre and Post Surgical Treatments with DNA


As a DNA practitioner, I've had the opportunity of seeing what a difference using our products can make in the healing and repair process of surgical procedures.  I've had clients who's surgeons were shocked at the rapid healing and reduction of scars and trauma post surgery.

If you have any clients considering anything from peels, lasers, face lifts, or rhinoplasty,   I highly recommend that they prepare their skin with DNA treatments and products both before and after surgery.


As most of you already understand, what makes DNA Skin Institute different is that we treat the skin like the organ it is, not a barrier.  It is the largest organ in the body.  With DNA products, whether you're using one of our cleansers, treatment gels, or powerful CryoStem products, you are nourishing and feeding the skin vital proteins, amino acids, RNA and DNA factors, minerals, and herbs that facilitate healing and health.  Here is a basic protocol for pre and post surgery:


1) Cleanse with one of DNA's nutrient dense cleansers.


2) Scrub with DNA Phyto Lipid Hydrating Scrub.


3) Apply the DNA Lacto Ionic Gel Peel (up to 30 days before or 30 days post surgery).


4) Cocktail a DNA mask of choice with MediClear Vitamin C Crystals, Zen Therapy Treatment Gel, and Floral Bliss. Leave on for 7 to 10 minutes.


5) Cleanse skin well with DNA cleanser and allow skin to dry completely.


6) Apply a CryoStem Therapy Firming or Hydrating ampoule, allow to dry completely.


7) Follow up with a cocktail of DNA moisturizer of choice, Zen Therapy Treatment Gel, Oceana Mineral Gel, MediClear Vitamin C Crystals, Floral Bliss spray, and Elasticity Booster Drops.


It's important for your client to have the same regime at home with that cocktail in addition to a DNA CryoStem Sprayer or Stick twice a day prior to their procedure.  Once the skin has closed from any wounds or incisions, your client can begin their at-home regime again and should come in for at least 3 weekly DNA CryoStem Therapy treatments.


I also recommend that they keep applying Zen Therapy frequently throughout the day on areas that would otherwise scar.


Anyone considering invasive procedures should also consider taking DNA internal products to clean the blood, like our Nattosolve and Fish Oil, in the months leading up to surgery, but of course stopping at their surgeons advice 1 to 2 weeks prior to prevent bruising.


-Tisha Frazier
National Trainer
Esthetic Division

Surgical Treatments
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