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Serum with stem cells for the deep skin defects.


After 6 Applications

Dainius Geležauskas,
Vidas Misevicius,
MD Gintas Pošiunas,
Vilnius University Children's Hospital
Center of Paediatric Surgery
Trauma Department, Burn unit, GK Clinic

Serum with Stem Cells for Partial Thickness Burn

My Father in law brought a mole on his left forearm to my attention March 2010 and I urged him to have it looked at immediately. A biopsy confirmed stage 1A skin melanoma skin cancer on his left forearm. Unfortunately I do not have a picture of this before surgery but it was about the size of a 1/2 dime and it was irregular and dark. He had surgery with an oncologist surgeon, they decided on the removal of the area affected and a skin graft with the tissue removed from his thigh. He was left depression measuring 34mm in diameter and 8mm deep on his left forearm. Everyday my father in law would come into my office to have the dressing changed by myself along with a petroleum gauze applied for the next 8 weeks per the Drs request. There was little to no change to the area for 8 weeks with the sutures in place. During a follow-up visit the Dr removed the sutures and instructed my Father in law to use "whatever he wanted". I sent him home with the DNA Citrus Burst Gel Cleanser and a DNA CryoStem Sprayer and DNA Zen Therapy. He applied this daily and returned to our office 1 week later (#696 last pic). Now it has been over a year and it looks great. I have to take one more picture. The depression is noticeably improved and the color has normalized. You really don't even notice this on his arm. He kept using the sprayer for about a month and the Zen therapy approximately 3 months.

Post Surgery 4/1/10

5/6/10 This is immediately after visiting his Dr and sutures were removed and I applied DNA CryoStem cell application from the sprayer, followed by DNA Zen therapy. He went home with those products and ....

5/11/10 This is one week later after using the products. He applied them once a day.

This is 2 year later after using the product DNA treatment.


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