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I suffered from acne starting in the fourth grade. Over the years I saw more than ten dermatologists and tried every oral and topical prescription available for my condition, however, it only got worse. When I turned 30 I had large, cystic acne and my life was consumed with trying to fix the problem. My face was painful to the touch, and devastating to see in the mirror. I was embarrassed to look people in the eye because my skin was so flawed. I wished I could wear a paper bag over my head. When I was introduced to Dr. Aguilar I felt hopeless. He prescribed me a regimen of oral supplements and facial cleanser. I also had to drastically modify my diet. Within 3-4 months I had clear skin!! I am now 34 and still have clear skin. I want to shout from the roof tops “Dr. Aguilar has the answer!!” He gave me my life back. To this day I look in the mirror and think “there is no way that’s me, “only it is.


While I was focusing on my skin Dr. Aguilar knew that it was my whole body. In addition to clear skin I have 100% more energy. Prior to this I had been

exhausted all the time and did not realize that the two were connected. Not only did he treat my skin he treated my whole body!


Thank you to Dr. Aguilar and his staff for treating me with kindness, compassion and respect.


-Aimee Olson

Dustin Anderson, one of Dr. Noel Aguilar's patients, has been following a strict routine set up by Dr. Aguilar. This routine includes the use of Zen Therapy Treatment Gel, Creme of Nectar, Oceana Mineral Gel, and the supplement Derma-CLR. Here is what Dustin has to say:


"For many many years I dealt with rosacea. I consulted many doctors and did many various and expensive treatments but experienced only temporary, if any, relief. I was told about Dr. Aguilar and his ability to effectively pinpoint and handle problems with the body and thought, why not try one last time to handle my skin. Dr. Aguilar took one look and told me exactly what the cause of my problem was and wrote out a treatment plan. Within 3 months the difference was tremendous. Within 6 months my rosacea was completely handled. 

My skin has never looked better and I've never felt healthier. Visiting Dr. Aguilar was the best choice I have ever made and I highly recommend him to anyone interested in rebuilding their health and raising their quality of living."

Customer Update:

"Still Clear Two Years Later!" 

-Dustin Anderson

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