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"There is no doubt that society values eternal youth,and now it is possible to get closer to this desire safely and effectively via CyroStem Cell Therapy . . . 

A new gold standard in skin therapy, it is the most effective and all natural treatment to date."



The future of anti-aging skin care is here.

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"Most products out there deplete and strip your natural skin resources while attempting to solve the problems of aging, and wear and tear.  WHAT I LOVE about DNA CryoStem products is that they in turn provide resources that enhance my skin instead of depleting what I naturally have to solve the problem."


"The emphasis DNA Skincare places on chemical free, 100% natural skin care is just one of the many reasons I love them. I incorporate their powerful products into my beauty routine everyday. Their scrubs, moisturizers, and serums are all non-toxic and work wonders on my skin! Why use anything else!"

STACY KEIBLER, Actress & Model





Angie Kaufman This month we are celebrating Angie Kaufman of Skin Addictions located in Mason, OH. Angie has been an esthetician for 17 years and a spa owner for 3 years. She recently expanded into a beautiful new location! At Skin Addictions you can indulge in facials, waxing, massage, hydra facials, chemical peels, microcurrent, and dermaplaning. "Starting my own skincare business has been a dream of mine for years. Three years ago I left the rat race of working for others and started my solo practice in a one room loft. Fast forward 3 years and we just opened up our own 1500 sq. ft spa with 5 rooms offering skincare, waxing, nails, and Cryoskin Revolution and NMS. It’s my goal to help all who are interested in having the best skin possible at whatever age they are. Because I believe beauty is more than skin deep, through healthy skincare products and innovative skin treatments we can achieve results that will make you feel beautiful on the outside as well as the inside. When I was looking for a new product line to use, someone told me about DNA. After one phone call with Tisha I knew DNA was the skincare line for me. I knew I needed a results driven line since that’s what my clients were used to on the medical side of skincare. But, it was also important to me to have something that was safe and good for your skin. I have a wide range of clients in age along with a wide variety of skincare concerns. DNA is able to cover almost all of them and with very little issue. DNA makes it so easy to educate my clients on what they need from the line. Using their deluxe samples is one of my favorite ways to introduce clients to different products and turn them into believers very quickly. I’m amazed at how many will reach out to me after a few days to a week and ask how they can get full size products because they don’t want to be without now. Thank you DNA for providing results driven skincare that’s actually healthy for the skin externally and internally!" -Angie Kaufman Skin Addictions





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